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At Eight Fresh Australia we specialize in concept and design.

There is good business design, and brilliant business design. We design all stationery and promotional material for your business. We have a full-time creative team and years of design experience. Eight Fresh Australia specializes in business flyers and brochure design. It could be improving a flyer you have already done in the past and now you are ready to move on to produce a new, exciting, functional and sale-producing one. You may have drawn and written some ideas down and would like to refine it. Our creative team can help you to build on your idea or we can start from the beginning. Here are couple of points to think about.

Give your potential customers a reason to contact you.

It may be picking up a phone to call you, email with your query or just come into your store. Go even further and offer a free gift or a voucher when they ‘Act On It NOW!’

Note all the ‘Closing down sale’ and ‘One day ONLY’ advertisements; these concepts urge people to act.

A small window of opportunity – Less is more.

In general, you have only 30 seconds to hold on to the reader’s attention span.
We are all busy and it is a known fact that flyers and brochures are browsed very quickly, before they are put aside or thrown away.

You have only a small window of opportunity to grab their attention. We recommend using emotional and inspirational words to convey your message and your business. Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Do not complicate your message. People will not understand and as a result, flyers will be thrown away.

Pick the one thing you want people to remember.

It is tempting to place too much information on your flyer. This is a very common mistake. Pick one topic, product, and service you want to tell the world about on that one flyer.

Of course, your flyer can convey more than one message, but readers will get bombarded and as a result, stop reading your message.