About Us



Eight Fresh Australia was founded by Colin Morris in 2006 in Sydney, Australia. It was created to provide marketing services to small and medium size businesses.


Eight Fresh Australia used the 20 years of networks in the hospitality and tourism experience to bring maximum advantage to our clients. Outbound marketing was our most successful and preferred services chosen by our clients. Advertising space selling for reputable lifestyle magazines and travel guides was one of our many successful accomplishments.
In 2008, with the constant changes in the marketing industry and many joining the online sensation,
Eight Fresh Australia evolved and made a big leap. The company was originally developed to be only a traditional marketing company, but now have included the online components.

Eight Fresh Australia has over 20 talented and creative people looking after the individual clients. A decade ago, we had a three roomed office space, half a dozen desks, land lines and mobile phones. In contrast, today’s office set up is with 20 or more techno devices and smart phones. The world is getting smaller as we connect in a more isolated space, reaching out and earning the attention of customers.
Eight Fresh Australia is always EVOLVING.