Social Media


Media Management

Social Media is still here to stay. Nowadays, more & more businesses are tuning in to Social Media as additional – if not the primary, way of marketing and promoting their product/brand/service. Recent statistics reveal that 56% of Social Media users use Facebook alone which comprise of 1.4billion users worldwide. Now isn’t this a reason enough for a business to reach its target market thru social media?

On the other hand, for businesses that already have existing social media profiles, we know you could run your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. yourself, but how would you know how effective your efforts have been if you couldn’t make or take the time to regularly review and analyse your reports and seek opportunities to fine tune? How many times have you sat around trying to think up a perfect post or worse, not even know what to talk about.


Content is King, and knowing what to put on your social networks is a good foundation of social media. Our team can help provide an ongoing service where we’ll develop a dynamic content posting strategy and execute for you on a regular basis. We pride ourselves when it comes to finding, creating and publishing quality, engaging content that drives interaction, develops real connections with your customers and over time opens up opportunities to drive leads and sales.


Relationship & community building and interaction are really what social media is about. Let our proven strategies in promoting your brand/service/product through social media take you to the next level. Our service also includes full management of your social media profiles so each account is constantly updated and no comments/ queries remain unanswered for days.


Our branded reports will show you how we measure and keep track of your social media progress over time. Each report is customised to fully show how each social media account is performing: how many mentions your business had for the past month, how many new followers gained, how many people are reached through paid campaigns, etc. – all of which helps in determining your business’ online popularity as well as which of our strategies worked and how to improve further.As clients we know that you appreciate keeping tab on all that is happening as we manage your social media campaigns, that is why our communication lines are always open to report back regularly in order to demonstrate where we are at with our plans. Social Media isn’t a destination; rather it’s a journey that we both will take together.

Let US help YOU increase the social influence of your company, for as it grows, so will your profits.